Saturday, July 02, 2005

well today we decided to kidnap darla. we went to Jenni's for breakfast then decided to go to salvation army for a little exploring. darla and i were both exhausted from staying up late and almost collapsed in the aisle. we didn't thank goodness. i had f un looking at random t-shirts while darla satisfied her belt fettish. she then found an awesome big black purse for just $3.99.oo oo oo then we decided to look at the jewelry counter and found a big bag of jewelry for $20 and it looked like funso my mommy decided we could get one. so we have been sorting the assortment of random jewelry for like an hour but i think darla fell asleep watch some show about 'the top ten most lethal animals'..........sounds like fun.........well we are either going to go to a movie or something or mow the lawn.((personaly i vote movie))

Friday, July 01, 2005

i got back from coffee bar at about 11:30. nikki and i had a good talk God i love that girl i think right now shes like my favorite person we have the best talks. i so wish that she was going to central next year. oh well i guess northern is good enough. i hate to say it but i'm having boy issues guy i know likes me but i'm not sure if i like him as anything more than just a good friend....but then theres this other guy i've only met once...i was told he likes me and as soon as i met him i felt a connection or an attraction but i've only met him once so i feel like i'm betraying *****. oh well i'm not sure of a lot of things lately. oh and i found out that donovan can't go on the mission trip and i'm really worried about him and i wish i had a way to talk to him an support him just so he knows ther is one more person out there that cares about him. although now i'm kind of excited because i really want nichole to come on the mission trip i really think she deserves sometime away from home even if its to do work in southern indiana....bye bye for now.....melayn